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Frank Suarez was born in 1950 in Puerto Rico, USA, and studied business administration at the University of Puerto Rico.

His administrative experience was solidified during his twenty years as Vice-President of Suarez Toy House, a merchandise distribution firm established by his father. Frank’s interest in the field of health arose from his own battle with obesity and prediabetes.
Today, Frank is an educator and a social communicator on topics related to health.  He is also the creator of an educational video blog, called, which is viewed monthly by more than 1.2 million people world-wide.



Frank Suarez, who suffered from obesity since childhood, and who failed at numerous diets including the traditional “low-calorie diet”, began researching into the subject of metabolism. His search for the causes of the “slow metabolism”, which is responsible for so many people’s failures at permanent weight loss, led him into the scientific literature addressing the restoration of healthy metabolic function. His investigation led to the identification of factors that reduced metabolic rate in people, such as sugar addiction, dehydration, yeast infections, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction and foods that negatively affect the body’s nervous or hormonal systems. As a result, in 1998 he founded NaturalSlim®, a company developed as an educational center based on a philosophy of promoting “a new healthy lifestyle”.


In 2006, he published the book El Poder del Metabolismo (The Power of Your Metabolism), of which more than 500,000 copies were sold in Puerto Rico, positioning Frank Suarez as the highest-selling Puerto Rican author of modern times.  Frank is known in every corner of the Island, not only for the volume of books sold to date, but because through NaturalSlim® more than 200,000 people in Puerto Rico have been helped in their quest to improve their lifestyle by improving their metabolism. Frank Suarez is a public figure considered a “health advocate” by the Spanish speaking public.  He is interviewed regularly on television, radio, and in newspapers on the topics of the metabolism, the struggle against obesity, and maintaining health. In addition, he is regularly invited as a guest speaker at schools, businesses, and universities to help educate the general public so they may better understand the subject of the human metabolism.


His educational technology to restore metabolism, expressed in an easy-to-understand language in his books The Power of Your Metabolism and Problem-Free Diabetes, have garnered attention from countries like Mexico where the epidemic of obesity and diabetes threatens a break-down of the public health system. In 2013, the World Health Organization named Mexico as the country with the highest percentage of overweight and obese citizens, a 71.28% incidence rate. Due to this health crisis, where 7 out of 10 Mexicans suffer from being overweight or obese, and as a direct consequence of the popularity of his books in this country, Frank was officially invited by the Governor of the State of Coahuila (population 2.7 million) to assist in the development of a public health program aimed at controlling obesity and diabetes. Therefore, beginning in 2013, the Government of Coahuila sent various health professionals to Puerto Rico to learn about his metabolism restorative technology. Currently, the Minister of Public Health for the State of Coahuila is conducting several clinical studies on obesity and the diabetes control simultaneously in which Frank’s technology to restore the metabolism is being employed. To carry out the investigation, a scientific collaboration agreement was made between the University of Coahuila (UAdeC) and the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) with the purpose of documenting the evidence and publishing results of the studies under rigorous scientific standards. A factor of utmost interest to the Coahuila Minister of Health is the observation that when patients are educated and empowered regarding the control of their diabetes, a potential is created for significantly reducing their need for medications, as well as avoiding the costly long-term medical complications that ensue when a diabetic’s kidneys, eyes or nerves are affected.


Frank is best known worldwide for his YouTube video educational channel called “METABOLISMOTV” where his teachings on how to recover the body’s metabolism, energy and health are seen every month by almost 20 million worldwide people and growing.  In essence, to educate on these subjects he uses short videos that are delivered for free and teach practical easy to understand diet and lifestyle tips on how to beat obesity, how to control diabetes without medication and how to improve the body’s energy production capacity to naturally improve or solve all kinds of varied health problems from high blood pressure, arthritis, lack of sleep or even cancer.  As of 2018 Frank’s METABOLISMOTV offers 1,500+ short educational videos and is by far the most consulted and seen health opinion leader in the Spanish speaking world with more than 2.4 million followers in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.          


Realizing that there are an estimated 570 million Spanish speaking public in the world and that the obesity and diabetes epidemics worldwide seem unstoppable in September of 2018 Frank launched his most ambitious educational project ever, the “Universidad del Metabolismo” (Metabolism University) also known as UNIMETAB.  UNIMETAB is an online course platform that offers high quality audiovisual education in Spanish on all subjects related to Frank’s research specialty of the human body Metabolism and Health.  Through his Metabolism University, UNIMETAB, Frank delivers video courses on some 40+ health topics that can be accessed through a person’s mobile device, tablet or computer 24/7.                 


Finally, Frank Suarez is an eloquent educator and social communicator promoting his transforming message in favor of adopting a healthy lifestyle within the context of modeling moral values. He reminds us of our personal responsibility to educate ourselves in order to improve our personal health, as well as the health of our loved ones, but particularly to set a good example and protect the health of our children, for they are our future.


1998 - Present


President of the Board

Founder and President of the Board of Directors of NaturalSlim®, with operations in Puerto Rico, Mainland United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

2004 - Present

Metabolic Technology Center


President of Metabolic Technology Center, Inc., the administrative branch that manages author rights and trademarks, and authorizes the franchising of the technology designed by Frank to restore metabolic efficiency.  

2005 - Present

The Way to Hapiness


President of The Way to Happiness Foundation of Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization sponsored by Natural Slim® to promote moral values. Frank and his company NaturalSlim® promote values based on common sense and healthy social living.  This foundation offers a certification as a “Moral Values Educator” to teachers, community leaders, social workers, and any person in a position to influence moral values in his or her community.


The Power of Your Metabolism


Author of the best-selling book, The Power of Your Metabolism, which is a best-seller at Amazon and is distributed worldwide. This book, originally written in Spanish, has been translated into English, French, Dutch and German, and has sold more than 3,000,000 copies world-wide.

2010 - 2015

International Latino Book Winner

“Best Health Book”

Winner of the International Latino Book Award for the category “Best Health Book” and distinguished “Triple Crown Award” for receiving the judges’ unanimous vote for first place of the book The Power of Your Metabolism.


Author of the book Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes with the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism, published in 2014 under its Spanish tittle “Diabetes Sin Problemas”. This book was awarded as “Best Health Book” in 2015 by the International Latino Book Award organization.   

2014 - 2015

Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa


Puerto Rico Senate recognition: with resolution #938, of September 2014, the Senate of Puerto Rico recognized and congratulated Frank Suarez “for his work as an educator and his nomination and invitation to become a lifetime member of the prestigious Academy of Arts and Sciences of Puerto Rico, and for his valuable contribution to the general welfare, through his initiatives and books focusing on developing healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle.” 


For his educational health-promoting message in September of 2015 was awarded a Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa title by CUFS UNIVERSITY of North Miami, Florida, United States 


International Latino Book Winner

“Best Health Book”

Winner of the International Latino Book Award for the category “Best Health Book” in the book "Metabolismo Ultra Poderoso".


Author of the book "Recetas El Poder del Metabolismo", published in 2017.  This book was awarded as “Best Cook Book” in 2019 by the International Latino Book Award organization.